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Coaching on the Sunshine Coast

Understand your own power and, most importantly, learn to use it!

3 days of coaching in the sun!

Is the time for change here? Let me help you get started in the most delightful climate and beautiful surroundings. We’ll meet for 4 hours a day for 3 days, either in Elviria, where I am based, approximately 20 minutes from Malaga airport, or by arrangement, elsewhere on the Costa del Sol.

The intention is for us to thrive!

There is so much that we have never learned, and we need to learn and understand how we function inside and grasp our potential.

The first part of my coaching consists of this knowledge!

We haven’t learned the fundamental information/functions about our inner selves. All that we can’t see with the naked eye, about how our internal operating system works. We need to learn to think in vibrations and energy to understand how we, as humans, function and how our interaction connects with the world around us, with other people, and will always reflect what we emit.

But don’t worry – I promise to make it simple. I speak from where you are and show how you can begin to see things differently right away.

Everything that has been created over time and what we create now always starts in the mind, where it forms an internal picture that we activate through thoughts and emotions. It creates a vibration, which is what we attract with, and the manifestation is already underway.

What we give our energy to by focusing on it and activating the feeling of it will always “feed” it, and it will always be what grows.

It is a natural law, whether you believe it or not. That’s how all creation happens everywhere on Earth.

“You create your own reality – and I will teach you how.”

You will receive the following

We meet for 4 hours a day – and the things we will work on are the following:

Comfortable surroundings!

The majority of us have not learned to prioritize and invest in ourselves. Many can go for a long time with various issues or simply suppress their potential.

I can only say that it is insane. Because we are the most important thing we have. It is our life that matters. It is ourselves who create the life we live. And yet, most people live randomly. Or rarely spend money on coaching and personal development, rather than material things and experiences.

But ALL creation starts inside us, so we MUST prioritize knowledge about our inner selves and tools to work with it.

We make the “work/coaching” a bit more delightful… by meeting on the Costa del Sol.

We hold our meetings in peaceful surroundings, either in the restaurant by the pool or at the cozy beach restaurant Beach House.

Accommodation at the hotel?

You decide, of course, where you want to stay. But I reside in Elviria, which includes places like Golden Beach La Palma or Hacienda Elviria, located 5 minutes from the beach and approximately 25 minutes from Malaga Airport. A couple of wonderful places for you to immerse yourself, so together we can figure out how you want to live your life.

I have all the tools for you to get started right away.

I take care of all the practical aspects. An online pre-meeting, where we meet here. Materials and a delicious lunch. You’re responsible for booking your stay and flight tickets.

If you wish to stay in these surroundings, you can book your stay here:

Booking accommodation or here

Link to flight tickets here: Booking flights

Create new results!

We manifest everything in our lives based on what we think, feel, and vibrate. What happens vibrationally inside us will always be reflected by the universe. So when we learn this, we can consciously practice becoming as sharp as possible in controlling and regulating what we think and feel. In this way, we are in control of the results we achieve in life in all areas.

Most people don’t know this and therefore live randomly. Their inner vibrations are often determined by what they see, hear, feel, and sense from the external world. They are thus influenced by what is happening in the external world. What other people say and do. What they see around them. What they see in the media and, externally, what can be physically measured and weighed.

The important aspect of my coaching and the crucial understanding is that you gain control over how your inner world functions.

  • Learn how to control YOUR inner vibration.
  • Define what YOU want more of in your life, in all areas.
  • Live based on your inner world – and don’t let the external world control you.
  • Understand how to harness your power.

We keep it simple. You need to master 3 different points – and your life will be completely different as soon as you have the understanding. Some of my clients make very rapid changes, while others take longer. The crucial factor is how quickly you can let go of old limitations and beliefs and approach it with an open mind. The faster you do, the sooner you see new results!

Trust me!!!! This is how all creation works – whether you believe it or not! Whether you are aware of it or not!

It’s just much more fun to live when we understand that we create our own lives – and don’t let others create our lives for us!

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