How should your life look in 6 months?

Are you ready to live a life of freedom?
Are you prepared to create a life where you thrive and find balance?
Are you ready to learn how to listen to yourself?
Do you want to create your own path, so YOU decide when and what you want to work on?
Or do you have other dreams you want to realize now?
Are you tired of trying to make changes over and over without success?
Are you tired of your thoughts and worries controlling you instead of the other way around?

From dream to reality

Where do you want to be in 6 months if you could choose from all the possibilities?

Is this the moment you make your final decision and live out your dreams?

Or is it the moment you’re ready to discover what you’re truly capable of? How powerful you are?

Then this program is for you…

…and just try to stop thinking limiting thoughts for a moment…

Such as:

  • But I can’t afford it
  • It’s not for me
  • I can develop myself on my own, I just need to pull myself together
  • I don’t believe I can

If these thoughts come up for you, try to think about how long you’ve wanted change. How long you’ve been living the same way. Why haven’t you made the change yourself? What is holding you back?

Most of us have grown up with a lot of limiting ideas and beliefs that ONLY hold back our own development.

We also haven’t learned how we function as human beings. We’ve only learned bits and pieces, as well as a lot of knowledge about the physical part “of us” that science has been able to understand and has chosen to share with us. The rest we haven’t learned. But that knowledge is exploding everywhere now. Our entire spiritual part. The whole understanding that our inner selves are energy and that the vibrations we emit are magnetic. How our thoughts and feelings are crucial to what we create and manifest in our lives.

We’ve either learned nothing about it, or we’ve only received partial information that can make us even more confused.

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Basic knowledge

Do you feel ready to learn this? To understand yourself and create the life you dream of now?

So, don’t let money, beliefs, what others say, or convince yourself that you can do it on your own if you’ve been wanting a change for years.

… Or put another way – you can do EVERYTHING on your own. You just need to learn how. You need to get to know your inner self. You need to learn to become aware of your inner self – how you can regulate it and listen to it and be guided forward in life.

Once you have acquired the right knowledge about your inner self, learned how to integrate it, and experienced on your own body how to consciously manifest… You won’t need any other knowledge to understand yourself.

Basic knowledge

You need to know how you function
You need to know how you fit in and how the world needs you
You need to learn to live your dreams
You need to learn to step out of your comfort zone and become aware of when you hold yourself in it
You need to learn how to be the captain of your own ship
You need to learn how to change old patterns and learn to live in the present
You need to become aware of the story you want to live
You need to learn and understand that you manifest EVERYTHING in your life - including the life you have now!
You need to learn to integrate your knowledge so you live it and not just know it
You need to learn to manifest CONSCIOUSLY

You need to know that if you/captain don’t define the story yourself, you/your ship will always go with the flow or be influenced by other dominant energies and opinions.
You need to become so aware of how you regulate yourself that you won’t need to ask others anymore. You need to learn and understand that all the answers lie within yourself when you learn what to listen to.

6 måneders MasterClass forløb

I will teach you all these things in this program!

It is an online program where we meet every week for 24 weeks in a closed group. In addition, each participant has 1:1 online meetings with me for half an hour per week.

The group online meetings last for approximately one hour each week.

I begin with a presentation, and then we focus on your role in it. It’s a combination of teaching, acquiring new knowledge, increased awareness, and coaching on how you can apply and implement it into your life, wherever you are right now.

If we see ourselves as a computer, we need to change our software. We need new knowledge and new programs. We need to replace our operating system and release the old one.

The human template works in a similar way, so we get SO much out of being in a group with others. We have the same wrong programming, such as fear, worry, inferiority, which we all want to release. So we benefit greatly from hearing others’ stories and transformations.

In addition, it is so rewarding to supplement with 1:1 sessions, where it is ONLY about you and how YOU get out of your comfort zone and create the life of your dreams. I am close with you all the way, and you will not be allowed to stay where you are now. I guarantee you the development you desire, but of course, you must be ready to step into your new life.

I find this combination of group teaching and 1:1 to be a huge plus in my MasterClass programs, and I choose to continue with it, of course.

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“The program has meant, among other things, that I have discovered my creative power is infinite, that nothing needs to be ‘fixed’ to start something new, and everything is up to me. I have also taken important steps to make my business less dependent on me, working less, enjoying more – and, in this way, I have renewed the energy to realize the projects I dream of, a goal I have long wanted to achieve. The program is a unique combination of self-study, reflections, exercises, meditation, visualizations, new techniques, and a present coach/facilitator who has gone her own path in an exceptional way, greatly inspiring the rest of us. After completing the program, I have decided to continue my collaboration with Sabrina, who, as a coach, provides mentoring, coaching, and personal guidance with insights on a whole different level than I have experienced before. Highly recommended.”

Lars Olaf

MasterClass runs all the time!

Is it now that you should:

Go from being an employee to self-employed?

Go from a bad relationship to prioritizing yourself?

Learn to feel worthy of receiving what you dream of?

Move abroad or take the leap into another move?

Or is it now that you should fulfill any other dream?

The most important knowledge you can learn in this lifetime!

No matter what you desire in life, the process always begins WITHIN YOU! – and I can provide you with the knowledge you need, as well as the tools required to create a lasting and continuous transformation.

It needs to be practiced. It needs to be cultivated. It needs to be nurtured and maintained.

We do that together, and I’m right by your side all the way.

You won’t be allowed to go back, skip through, evade, talk yourself out of it, or in any other way stay in your comfort zone.

We are all in the same boat. We all have to step into the unknown. We all go through emotions that may not feel so pleasant at the beginning, but once we become conscious of the process, it transforms into a great victory. And you will experience a completely different side of yourself, and you can’t avoid experiencing new results in your life.

You will receive the recipe for all creation!
You experience the change in your own body!
You think, why haven't I learned this before in my life!
People around you will start to ask what you have done!

All the practicalities

The program is online and takes place on Zoom.

You can choose to purchase a 1:1 program, where it’s just you and me for an hour together on Zoom each week. Or you can buy the group program (which is what I recommend), where we meet online for an hour every week as a group, and I teach and coach on things that are beneficial for everyone.

In addition, we have 1:1 Zoom sessions every week for half an hour, where we specifically discuss you, your vision, and what you need.

You’ll be part of a closed Facebook group where I regularly share information that’s beneficial for continuous training. Here, you can also ask questions and share as much as you’d like.

The close and continuous contact is crucial in such a conscious and significant transformation. It’s essential that you keep prioritizing the inner work we’ll be focusing on.

This program is not for everyone!

This is only for those who are truly ready, open-minded, and committed to prioritizing themselves.

When we are a group together, truly ready to manifest what we want, we create the most beautiful and wildest energy that can help and benefit everyone in the group.

As we gain our own experiences and witness how others start to change and achieve what they have decided, it builds a greater and greater belief in how quickly change and new results can appear for everyone.

We are creators – we just haven’t learned it yet.

If the time has come to change it now, write to me, and I’ll reserve a spot for you!

If you’d like a more in-depth conversation to determine if you’re ready for this program, feel free to contact me as well.