Welcome to The World Mirrors You!

EVERYTHING you send out will ALWAYS be mirrored back!

From this moment right now, you can decide that YOU, for the rest of your life, will choose to focus on and therefore decide what you attract into your life!

It’s all about decisions all the time, what YOU decide you want with your life – and minute by minute decide to focus on.

Spend time every day on this material and what we talk about in our meetings. It is the most important work you can prioritize, because EVERYTHING you see and experience in your “outer reality” is created through and by you.

We just haven’t learned to take control of it ourselves and have therefore been programmed from the outside and by others our entire lives. But now is the time to reverse that and take your power back to yourself. Take responsibility and become aware that YOU create everything in your reality yourself.

You are here to create the life you dream of living – and you can 100% learn that. But you need to be committed and willing to practice and NEVER give up!

Close your eyes for a moment. Take a deep breath and then make a committed decision! From now on, YOU decide what you choose to focus on!

You have already stepped into a new timeline where the things you dream of in life exist! Now it is your task to stay on this path. All you need to do is simply follow your joy and focus to a greater percentage on what you love in life, rather than what you fear and worry about.

The world mirrors you! It’s literally a good exercise you can be conscious of all the time, from now on!

“It is only ourselves who block what we wish to manifest.”

We don’t need hours of processing our traumas and issues. But an understanding that it’s a story we’ve held onto, sometimes for years. When we become aware of the story and accept it, we can release it.

Even though we often seek answers and opinions outside of ourselves, the truth is that the universe is a reflection of the energy we emit. “The world mirrors you” is a course that explores the deep connection between our inner world and the outer reality. Here, we explore how our thoughts, actions, and energy create a resonance that shapes our lives.

This course consists of four modules, with precisely the insights, tools, and practices that will guide you to understand and strengthen your connection to the universe around you. Through these modules and with the tools available, you will discover how to shape your own reality through awareness, positive energy, and releasing old beliefs.

Let’s embark on this journey together, diving into the realization that what we send out is what we receive.

Are you ready to explore, learn, and create a deeper understanding of how the world mirrors you? Then let’s get started!

Read the various materials again and again – print them out, hang them up. Use the tools that you feel make a difference for you. Or let’s create a plan together in our meeting.

More content will be added to the site regularly. But it’s important that we don’t drown in theory, but spend more time feeling inward. For that is the key to creating the future we dream of.

Start by making a plan to meditate. Sit for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 1 hour, every day, just in silence! Guided meditations will be provided as well

Tools to help you!

Everything is a reflection of you!

Not just specific areas you want to manifest. But EVERYTHING you send out. Listen to these videos daily and sit in silence (meditate) and observe your thoughts and feelings and practice being aware of what is ‘going on’ inside. What is your inner dialogue like? Is it benefiting you?

Frequencies of wealth & abundance!

Listen to these frequencies every day. They enter and balance your personal frequencies, creating balance in your energy field, so you will automatically be more open and receptive to manifesting abundance into your life ❤️

Clean and Simple

How do you function internally

The best and simplest way to understand who you are. How your physical mind and your higher self can work together in the easiest way when you KNOW how and DARE to listen in trust!

Clean and Simple

Manifestation step by step

Listen to this video again and again. Here, Bashar explains manifestation in the most ‘accurate’ and understandable way that I’ve come across… And I’ve listened to over 10,000 hours of videos from gurus all over the world, as this is my great passion. So listen again and again. Repetition is crucial for your transformation.