Are you really living the way you want?

Are you really living the way you want?

I have spent today taking stock of where I am in my life compared to last year at the same time.

This question was actually what made me invest in a course with Bob Proctor 4 years ago…

Matthew, who became my mentor, asked me when I doubted & hesitated to buy a course. “Try to look back over the last year, or 5 years. How much have you developed in that time? Have you developed as you wish?”

I could only answer no to that…

Then he asked further.. “What makes you think that the coming year will be different if you continue as usual, with what you have been doing so far?”

And I replied… “Wow… Yes okay… I’m in”

And it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done for myself

Before, I couldn’t see any particular reason to develop myself.

Now I can only see development or settlement…

Now I can only see and feel my quality of life increasing all the time in the direction I want and have chosen myself!

Now I experience life as if I were a galloping horse that gets its blinders removed more and more

My awareness & my understanding of who I am and why I am here increases every single day..,

I get the wildest aha experiences all the time

… and it will surely only come because I have made a conscious choice whether I want to experience more love & thrive more in life and that I myself take full responsibility for it

Last year at this time, I had experienced the city of Elviria and dreamed of living here… I dreamed of a wonderful apartment with a view and a sweet little bubble cabriolet. I dreamed of peace, freedom and the opportunity to become even wiser about my inner self – and become even better at learning everything that I myself live, from me

“Suddenly” I had of course manifested it – and thought what now? What more do I really want?

What really matters to me? And I have allowed myself to spend some time finding out what I want more right now…

What gives me the most energy and what gets me high is the peace and the mountains, that my children thrive and that we are here to create peace on earth

I wanted to grow my company, without knowing how. I wanted to become more international now that I have settled in Spain

… and “suddenly” I came across the international coach training I’m taking now – and “suddenly” I found a solution for a new & simple structure that I can grow with, in both Danish & English, without having to “work” more for it , but work smarter

This just shows so beautifully how we can all create the life we want when we begin to understand that EVERYTHING starts within.

We ourselves define the story we want to live. But if we are not aware of it, then we are living a story that our parents, others, the media, or the system has planted in us.

So as I always say..,

There is nothing more important than getting to know our inner self. To understand the instructions for use and learn to regulate your inner self, if you are not happy with the results you have in your life right now, or you know you have much more in you

…. And I’m happy to help you…

I start a new course at the beginning of January

Write to me if you want to participate, or I can help you with one of my other 1:1 courses

Lots of love from here

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