We are in the midst of the greatest awakening period ever!

We are in the midst of the greatest awakening period ever!

I’m not talking about waking up to all the chaos happening in the world. I’m talking about millions of people waking up to who they really are!

Waking up to their true potential and power. Waking up to the abilities they haven’t experienced before, or maybe still don’t dare to believe in fully. Waking up to being much more than their physical body. That they are more than their identity, position, parents, or any other role they have lived under. That they are more than just a physical person who gets up and repeats the same program as yesterday.

That’s what the “Awakening” wave is all about. To wake up – to become aware that we have the ability to manifest anything. That we have the ability to communicate without the physical language, that we have the ability to listen to our higher self, listen to the energy behind, and understand that the universe and the way we function are completely different from what we have learned…

When we start waking up/becoming aware and find out that it’s about taking responsibility for our own inner self. That our thoughts, feelings, and vibration create everything around us and the world we experience, we can never be unconscious about it again.

But we can consciously choose NOT to see it or understand it and try to continue as usual… But it can become a difficult process, as it is fighting against development and swimming up the waterfall. So there often needs to be some dependencies to numb that consciousness – or to enjoy living a life of lack or fear.

The energies in the world are pushing us gently forward, and it is now our own free choice whether we choose to fight against it, choose the timeline where low and heavy emotions/frequencies are most active. Or we choose the direction & timeline where our wonderful emotions vibrate, and where it becomes easier and easier to manifest the things we focus on.

YOU create the reality you want. You produce the feelings and the energy that you create your outer world with. YOU decide what you want to look at and participate in. YOU have your free will to think and feel what YOU want.

We haven’t learned it, and it takes a little practice not to get carried away by the external world. It requires a bit of knowledge, understanding, and training of your focus muscle. But once you “wake up” and become aware of what’s happening inside you. Once you experience that the events you encounter are not coincidences. Once you experience synchronicity again and again and see how you manifest from your general inner state, it becomes really hard to ignore, and you will ask so many questions that can’t hold you back anymore.

Do you want to learn more about it all and your inner self? I am starting my new program, which I have designed based on everything I have studied and, most importantly, what I have experienced and live myself.

The program is called “World Mirrors You,” and it only focuses on YOU and how you can train your consciousness and development more and more and consciously manifest what YOU want in your life – and not let it happen by chance!

Write to me if you want to hear more.

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